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Shakti Handicraft Bazar

Shakti Handicraft Bazaar is one of the programs of Shakti Foundation which provides support in marketing the products of poorest, weakest producers and artisans. Shakti Foundation helps in sales of the products of artisans nationally and internationally.

Shakti Foundation has got the export and import code number. The women trained by Shakti Foundation are given the loan in JLG and provided the support in marketing the products. Shakti Foundation under the Shakti Handicraft Bazaar takes the products from the artisans, adds the marketing cost and sells them so that the artisans can get the fair price of their products. Shakti Foundation does not charge any amount while marketing the products of the artisans. Quite often Shakti Foundation takes the order as per the need of the customers and gives this back to the artisans. This way, Shakti Foundation works as the link between the market and the poorest dalits, exploited and distressed artisans.

Shakti Foundation charges some amount by increasing the prices of the products and sells in the market. Shakti Foundation has also established a showroom to display the products which is in operation in Shikohabad. Display of the products in the showroom is the instrument used by Shakti Foundation to explore the market and customers. All the artisans are the members of Shakti Handicraft Bazaar who have been supporting to market their products by Shakti Foundation. About 100 artisans are the members of Shakti Handicraft Bazaar who prepare glass decorative items and glass jewellery. These artisans belong to Agra and Firozabad district.