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About Us

Casteism is widely persisted in Indian society. The people of lowest strata are badly suffering due to poverty. Education and health are deteriorating among them. Population is touching the sky while the area is constantly decreasing in northern India. Due to population explosion, problems are spreading in wider landscape. None of the place is away from the congestion in this world. Apart from the religion and casteism, society is also experiencing the economic inequality due to which poorest, uneducated and unhealthy people are on the verge of death and living in inhuman condition of life. Govt. policies are increasing the poverty instead of decreasing. Natural resources are exploited at length in our country. Rich people are accessing the resources by force and power structure. Water, land and forest are in the grip of the well-off people. Poor and weakest section population are not even able to get the bread, cloth, education and other necessities. Keeping in mind the plights of the poorest people, senior social worker and human rights activist Mr. Dilip Sevarthi and his wife Mrs. Sarita Dilip have established an organization called Shakti foundation by their joint efforts.

Mr. Dilip Sevarthi and his wife Mrs. Sarita Dilip both were born in the different caste families of Hindu religion. They got married against the wishes of their families and other people of the society by breaking the caste barriers. Family members of both and some hardliner of the society tried to destroy their marital life Mr. Dilip and Mrs. Sarita Dilip showed them the way and stood firm on their decision. Within the period of one year after their marriage, this couple took a revolutionary step. It was that they declared not to reproduce the child and they adopted a 6 months old child and accepted this child as their own. They named this child after Shakti Sevarthi. This step motivated the people who were the admirer of casteism, religious leaders, son preferred and the people who were against the girls. This couple in this regard says that what we are doing that is only for the happiness. We are in fact not able to contribute to the society. Nature and society expect from us a lot for which we have to make an endeavour. Dilip Sevarthi and Mrs. Sarita Dilip have been involved in social work at the age of 20 and 15 respectively. Dilip Sevarthi completed his education up to 10th class but could not continue it. Later he completed his Post Graduation (MA) privately with 3rd division with lot of difficulties and challenges. Mrs. Sarita D. Sevarthi had lost her mother since she was 5 years old. Soon after the death of her mother, father got married for second time. Her step mother then started behaving differently due to which she experienced lot of problems and difficulties. Her step mother started discriminating her in food, cloths, education etc. Due to the difficulties, she could only pass 8th standard but later she cleared her high school, intermediate and B.A.

This couple is infinitely away from the superficiality. Being born in Hindu religion nobody has seen them performing the Hindu rituals. Neither they go to the temples nor do they believe in worship. Nobody can see them performing the superficiality of the Hindu religion. Mrs. Sarita never uses the toe’s rings, anklets and sindoor which are actually considered religiously compulsory for a married woman. This couple does not believe in all these things and say that these are signs of women’s slavery and gender inequality. In Hindu religion, every woman keeps fasting of “Karva Chauth” for the longer age of her husband but men never keep the fasting for the longer age of their wives. In this regard, Mrs. Sarita says if husband needs wife then wife also needs husband but if husband does not need his wife then wife also should not need the husband. Hence, if Mr. Dilip Sevarthi cannot have the fasting for “Karva Chauth” then why I should, after all we are equal. This couple believes only in the religion of humanity and follows the same. He has the unique way of worship. They sit with their workers and worship which means, oh God give us the power, and we shall never opt for evils but solve the problems of the society. We live happily and let others happy.  This couple is firm determined to pay their whole life in the service of the poorest, weakest, dalits, exploited and distressed women and children. Besides this, they intend to give some time to their daughter Shakti Sevarthi’.

From waking to sleep, their all works are concerning with the social work. This couple has founded the Shakti Foundation for the socio-economic empowerment of the poorest people. They have the memorable and splendid contribution in child labour elimination, promoting the rights of women and children. For this unique contribution in the field of child labour elimination, Mr. Dilip Sevarthi has been awarded with Prembhai Award in 2000 and Red and White Bravery Award in 1996.

Trust Members

Name Age Address Occupation
1. Mr Dilip Sevarthi 36 yr 29 B, Neha Enclave, Station Road Shikohabad, District- Firozabad, Uttar Pradesh, India Social Worker
2. Ms Sarita Dilip 28 yr 29 B, Neha Enclave, Station Road Shikohabad, District- Firozabad, Uttar Pradesh, India Social Worker