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Our Human Values

We strive for healthy and beautiful world, meaning that rights of all creations of nature – humans, animals, birds and living beings – are protected. Humans should exploit water, forest, land and air minimally as per requirement and protect them from getting polluted. Entire world and society should be conducted as per law. This means that laws made according to democratic norms should be obeyed and no law should be enacted threatening any human, animal, bird, living beings and environment. They should not be nagged, or oppressed, or their rights should not be violated. Any human in the world should not violate rights of other so there is no disorder and disquiet in the society.

Human relations in the world should be strong. No discrimination should be done among humans on the basis of sex, age, colour, ethnicity, caste, religion, village, region, country, society, poverty and affluence, meaning that all rights of each human be equal and all humans should get these rights.

All humans have right to participate in and take benefit of development in the scientific era and each human should get this right.

Every human has to play role of child to old in his life. Therefore, no stage of human life should be deprived of development.

We all are part of human community in this world. Therefore, we think and do if justice is not met to all in the world, it may happen with us and if we commit injustice with others while realising our fights or if we do not stop injustice, we shall also not get justice at all levels. That is why we want to make this world exploitation free, pro-justice and environment friendly.