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Vision, Mission and Objectives


Promoting a society where human is valued like human, treated like human devoid of inequalities, injustice, exploitation of all types, deprivation based on casteism, creed, sex and religion characterized by dignity of human in all spheres of life.


Mission of Shakti Foundation is to give the voice to the voiceless through a mass movement and to make them enable and empower to claim their basic human rights.


  • To promote, revitalize and ensure the existence of the vanishing art of handicraft and its wrights in the periphery of Uttar Pradesh.
    To develop the entrepreneurial and management skill among the handicraft community and to empower them.
  • To establish the orphanage, crèches and child adopting centres (CAC) to give the lives to those whose existence/survival remain dangerous or in difficult situations.
  • To create more than 20,000 livelihood options for the most destitute, deprived and exploited by the year of 2015.
  • To develop the leadership qualities among the different communities with special emphasis on women and adolescent groups.
  • To promote sustainable communities in operational areas of organization.
  • To establish the handicraft showroom for creating the taste of handicraft items among all sections of societies.
  • To develop the vocational skill among the youth of Dalit communities so as to ensure their mainstream development.
  • To set up the vocational and guidance centres to cater the need of career planning for the spoiled youth of various backward communities.
  • To develop and empower the deprived, destitute and exploited communities.
  • To promote the gender based equality in the communities to ensure the due dignity of the girls and women.
  • To provide the micro finance among the poorest community for their livelihood development programme.