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Shakti Training and Development Centre

Shakti Foundation is endeavouring to make the people self–reliant by providing the vocational training to the dalits, exploited, deprived, poorest, women of the weakest section, mothers of child labourers and liberated child labourers. The liberated child labourers are involved in vocational training only after attaining the age of 15 years. Shakti Foundation imparts the vocational training on agriculture, animal husbandry and on other local needs of the people. Shakti Foundation provides the loan to the women members of JLG after the vocational training. Shakti Foundation extends all its support in marketing the products of all the women of JLG after their training when they start making the products. All trainings are need based. Shakti Foundation organizes the trainings in computer, tailoring and beautician in different batches. Apart from it, vocational trainings are organized keeping in mind the needs of the people. Shakti Foundation has been organizing the trainings from time to time on agriculture, horticulture, vegetable cultivation, animal husbandry, artificial jewellery, glass decorative items and other petty shop. However, Shakti Foundation intends to establish a big training centre for these two districts but it lacks resources even then Shakti Foundation is continually making its endeavours in this area.